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We aim to make it simple for your team to capture ground level maintenance data and keep everyone in the loop to minimize your asset’s downtime and reduce unplanned work by integrating with your existing system.
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Industrial Asset Maintenance
made simple, through interconnectivity.

Problems Voiced by Industry Experts

Jamie Sangster

CEO - LeeWay Marine

"I have had our maintenance crew, engineers, and captains come to me with issues regarding how much time they have to waste to find, manage, and capture any of their maintenance-related data into existing systems. There needs to be a simple solution that can take care of all the administrative complexity that arises with machine downtime to save us both time and money."

Edward Coombs

Marine Engineer, PMP®, PTech,TechIIMS, AVI

"I have dealt with many maintenance platforms over the years and none of them were smart and all too cumbersome. Having a smart system that can take my maintenance plans, feed it with live data and keep my clients notified of failures could be saving them hundreds and thousands of dollars."

Joel Hickey

General Manager at Qikiqtaaluk Fisheries Corporation

"We lose about a hundred thousand dollars a day when our vessel is not out there operating. We need a better system that can bring together all our vessel and maintenance data in one place."

Our Solution

We offer a central platform to view and analyze your asset data. Interconnecting document control with equipment monitoring and control systems provides actionable insight into your assets. Save time when troubleshooting with our task-oriented interfaces.

Capture ground level data

Integrate with your existing data collection platforms to gain better visibility into your assets

Analyze using a historical database

Review past data to recognize trends, assist with root cause analysis, and set up triggers to flag potential issues

Predictive Maintenance

Apply standardized machine profiles or customize your own to recognize failure modes and help plan maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime

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Empower your existing maintenance system and teams without worrying about major changes.

Data interconnectivity:

We integrate with your existing IOT infrastructure so that all your asset maintenance and live machine data can be reviewed in one place. Empower smart and informed decision making to improve the reliability of your assets.

Dynamic data analysis:

Let your maintenance experts focus on keeping your assets up while we bring together the data to provide them with a dynamic platform for predictive maintenance.

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Our Team

In this short amount of time we have surrounded ourselves with talented individuals and mentors who are industry experts. Get in touch with us!

Our Timeline

October 4, 2021
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CORSphere Mission Statement
At CORSphere we have a simple mission to help companies reduce machine downtime by utilizing their existing resources.
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September 19, 2021
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First Early Adopter
At CORSphere we deeply care about what our customers think, and we shape our product to solve the problems voiced by subject matter experts.

LeeWay Marine believes in our mission and we will be developing the first version of our software to solve the core issues faced by the marine industry.
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July 23, 2021
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First Start-Up Competition
We got accepted into the Ocean Startup programming at a very early stage, presenting us with the opportunity to work alongside some great mentors and other amazing founders.
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